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" Always remember , whatsoever I say to you, you can take it in two ways....

You can simply take it on my authority, " Because I say so, it must be true" then you will not grow. Whatever I say, listen to it, try to understand it, implement it in your life, see how it works and then come to your own conclusions. They can never be exactly the same because you have a different personality, a unique being.

Whatever I am saying is my own. It is bound to be in deep ways rooted in me. You may come to similar conclusions, but they cannot be exactly the same. So my conclusions should not be your conclusions. You should try to understand me, you should try to learn, you should not collect conclusions from me. Then your mind-body will grow.

" My message is not a doctrine, not a philosophy, my message is certain alchemy, a science of transformation"

Osho - Mystic and Founder of the Rajneesh Movement

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