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Lets Step in to 2021 with a new Purpose and Control

You cannot control a pandemic,the economy or decisions made by your leaders, but you have total control of your mind.

As the philosopher Marcus Aurelius once said

" An infected mind is a far more dangerous pestilence than any plague- one only threatens your life, the other destroys your character. Let us decide if we are going to accept the balcony or basement mentality... If we live in the balcony mentality we can look above and beyond the clutter, be the light to others and exude positivity for the future. Whereas if we adopt the basement mentality, we will be stuck at the bottom floor where negativity and drama lives. We all have a tipping point -- will you be pushed over the cliff or stay on the top of the mountain and work things out for the better with a changed mindset? I will guide you to face your focus and fear and learn to manage your amygdala so you can make conscious decisions daily while keeping an ignited vision. I have always believed that health and healing does not always come from medicine but rather from peace in your mind,soul and heart,spending time with like minded people in a relaxed atmosphere in a tranquil location. My retreat weekends offer exactly that where we discuss Mastering the art of self awareness and emotional mastery that will guide you into the future Accepting and Managing the transition period to control your mindset. It is a known fact that to be able to thrive in business in today's environment that a new leadership style is needed, a new outlook on how you manage your team and attract beneficial clientele is imperative. My business coaching for small owner managed enterprises addresses Empathetic Leadership Creating a conducive environment for a brilliant customer experience Building a successful corporate culture in unchartered territory Successful leadership skills How to adapt to remote work successfully Learn to collaborate rather than compete As Paul Scanlon says " Pivoting will become the new word and defining skill for 2021. Join me on our journey to Build our Mental Immunity and resilience and to FIND YOUR WHY AND FLY! I am excited.

Lavonne M.E.E

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