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" If you set out to be less than you are capable of being, I warn you, you will be deeply unhappy for the rest of your life"

Abraham Maslow

Why is self awareness one of the critical issues of our time?

The more you understand self awareness, the more you recognize it's critical role in governing your capacity to deal with the demands of the modern era. Meeting these demands is not the preserve of the exceptional but it is within the grasp of every human being.

Our world, business organizations and the people around us, seem to be confronting problems they cannot solve. As Einstein said " You cannot solve problems created by one set of self awareness with the self awareness that created the condition in the first place "

Most of our challenges and concerns stem from human actions and decisions, dominant beliefs and our values.

Self Awareness is not a noun or a thing, it is a way of being in the world, about living in the world with awareness. It is about being more engaged with the here and now, having a more intense experience of being present. Self Awareness is also about developing a relationship with your day to day activities in which you are awakened to learn from everything that arises.

Self Awareness is not static but rather a series of stages of development that we experience through our journey of life.We call these different stages awareness logic as they define the way we understand our needs, what we think and what we value. These stages of self awareness also set the boundaries of the degree of complexity that we can handle and the range of perspectives that are available.

You will know that your self awareness is expanding and growing when you start to have self awareness of your actions moment by moment and adjust what you are thinking as events unfold.

Self Awareness means that every event that arises in your life is an opportunity to learn.

Self Awareness means that you are aware of your internal and external world and taking responsibility for the choices that you make

Self Awareness allows you to have mastery over each emotion and understanding your talents and abilities.

Once you start practising self awareness, you will notice changes in your thoughts, words and actions and be far more conscious and aware of who you are.

You will also be more effective in handling all aspects of your life, embrace change and be able to handle a greater degree of complexities.

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